AUTOMOBILE The perfect manipulator

The production of the e-Golf has begun in the "Gläserne Manufaktur" in Dresden. Change and continuity are close together. New equipment enriches production.
A noble upper class limousine, made by hand in an architectural temple made of glass, amidst a cultural landscape - the dream once had Volkswagen with the Phaeton. The fact that a VW of such dimensions must be a mission of impossible marketing must have come to the attention of the Wolfsburgers. It sounded nice, but did not work. Now the "Transparent Manufacture" in Dresden has missed a new future: That is electromobility.
In the big glass tower, where the finished Phaetons and Bentleys were to awaken the desire of customers two and three years ago, the masses of golf are now stacked in the dozen on top of each other. A manufactory, in which is made on noble wooden parquet, in which the elevator buildings in the exhibition area to remind a cylinder and the shape of the glass-lined borne spaces to the cam of a cam…

DIESEL SCANDAL : Diesel cars on the virtual test bench

TRAFFIC Navigating the Gigaliner and freight cars

FREIGHT TRAFFIC : Fuel cell trucks tested

ENVIRONMENT :Concerns about nitrogen oxide

Car industry changing: These changes are in the Automotive manufaturing

ELECTRONICS : Switching mechanism

SEMICONDUCTOR : Chipers in Europe rely on cooperation